Adam Levine

Honestly, what american singer can pretend to be recognized at the first word sung, to have a bewitching voice, to be a fashion icon, to multiply the featuring with stars from every category, and, foremost, to be the leader of a band which didn’t stop to be successful since the early 2000s ?

Adam Levine succeeds in all of it. A badboy appearance, love songs whispered by an unique voice and accompanied by real lively melodies, the 30 years old man who charms the ladies is not over for make talk about him. His last hit is called “My life”, track from Fifty Cent where he sings the chorus, accompanied by the most famous white rapper of the USA, Eminem. A track in which he has participate with while his band’s new album, Overexposed, gets a big success.

Levine knows how to become indispensable. This recent collaboration shows a new face of his personality, and leads to “Yolo”, a song from The Lonely Island in which he also sings. The hot guy will continue to make the girls dream of One more night with him, calling at the Payphone before whispering a Beautiful Goodbye !




Jake Bugg: the big discovery

Jake Bugg, eighteen years old, a concentrate of pure music.

He hits just, and he hits hard. Jake knows exactly what to do to make feel emotions, his harsh voice makes already him be compared to Bob Dylan, his rhythm gives a crazy desire to dance and move on the music.

Mix of folk rock, his tracks are also imbued of country and blues, and make his style unique and original. A pinch of past for a dose of present, the young artist succeeds in creating something relatively new and really lively. A cigarette in the hand, a rebel attitude and an angelic mug, Jake Bugg is not without remember the old terrible children of Great Britain that were the Beatles, the Rolling Stones or even Liam Gallagher and Pete Doherty.

His song Two Fingers is a real hit, combining hopeful lyrics and joyful beat, it is significant for the youth which can easily identify in. We are certainly not ready to grow tired to dance on this new talent’s frenzied rhythm!

Aly Harrison.

Garou: Rhythm and Blues

He was gone since a long time, this album marks his come back on the french scene. Propelled by the success of the Tv show “The Voice” and of his candidate Louis Delort, who ended the game in second position, Garou introduces us a new facet of his personality.

Half crooner, half french popular songs singer, the hot guy delights us anew by his husky and sexy voice. This album Rythm and Blues gathers some of Garou’s favorite songs, in the music style that he loves. Mix of french and american classics, the disc makes us travel through the eras and Garou succeeds in bringing a freshness touch to these well-known titles.

From Gilbert Becaud to Jalcy Hawkins in passing by Gerald de Palmas, the charming Quebecker revisits a few of rythm’n’blues biggest successes and appropriate himself them, for our tallest pleasure.

The most obvious proof of the success of Garou’s album is this wonderful repossession of I Put a Spell on You, which will almost outshine the original version. The fantastic voice of the singer makes the song a true masterpiece, mixing old and new for giving a very beautiful version of this love song from the 50s.

Garou’s come back will therefore not going unnoticed and this new album shows once again the talent of the one who was revealed by the musical show “Notre Dame de Paris”.

Aly Harrison.

Serge Gainsbourg

For many people, Serge Gainsbourg is a provocative. A rebel, an alcoholic, an anti-social. But who knows the real Gainsbourg? What is the difference between Gainsbourg and his character, Gainsbarre? Why did he act in such a provocative way?

Unassuming, shy, in a sad manner, Serge Gainsbourg grew in Paris, during the darkest period of the History. Serge was jew, and Serge was forced to hide himself, with his family. When the war became too dangerous, his parents left him in a boarding school, where he once had to hide himself in a forest the whole night in order to escape from a control of the Gestapo.

Serge was an artist. He loved painting, writing, and was unquestionably a poet. But his physical appearance handicaps him, he is rejected, mocked and he suffers of his “ugliness”. When he becomes known, Serge does not believe in the society anymore, he was subjected to the horror of the war, the horror of the people, and wants to express his discomfort through his art.

That is at this moment that the cynicism came in his life. It was a way to express himself, and maybe to protect himself too.

But Gainsbarre was just a mask, at the beginning. In the shade of  the cameras, Serge reveals himself, he is quiet, romantic, and attentive, as said Jane Birkin. Unfortunatelly, Serge will stay a tortured man. Traumatized by his past, by his appareance, Gainsbarre becomes more and more present. The alcohol helps him to forget himself, and he sinks. Gainsbourg then disappears, and his “malefic copy” replaces him. The charming Serge is dead, and no one can support him anymore. He is alone, locked in his uneasiness, and lose everything that counts for him. When Jane left him, the man that she have known is gone long time ago. The rest is only the decline of a man who used to be a wonderful artist, and who die without find the one who he really was again.

Aly Harrison.

George Harrison, Early Takes.

Last year, Martin Scorsese, the famous director, finished his original documentary George Harrison: Living in the Material World. A unique movie, made with accounts and unpublished pictures. Following this project, a selection of never released songs was naturally published.

It’s called Early Takes volume 1, and it groups some titles together, meticulously chosen by Olivia Harrison and George’s old sound engineer. I obtained this CD, and I will try to describe its content.

First, a shiver. George’s voice. It’s like he still being alive. “My sweet Lord”, a silent, and the first accords of the well-known chef-d’oeuvre of the master. We focus on the voice, and we feel like it was the first time we heard it. For George, that was the first released of the title. It’s gently different from the version we know, but the simplicity of the quiet Beatle’s voice gives us a feeling of dream, and lightness.

An album full of emotions, that’s true. For several reasons. The most obvious is the sensation we feel while listening, again, our George singing. Then, we go into the intimacy of the poet, discovering his first tunes, the imperfections of a first record, the faintnesses which make, finally, all the charm of this production. Lastly, we realize that we really miss George. George’s voice, George’s words, George’s guitar, George’s aura, George.

George Harrison still one of the most talented songwriter of his generation, and even maybe of all-time.

Aly Harrison.

Bob Dylan, the rock explosion, Paris.

It’s not everyday that you have the possibility to see one of the greatest music legend’s memorables events. And imagine that you could watch for less than 10€ an entire exhibition of Bob Dylan’s unpublished photographs. Interesting isn’t it?

More. A unique opportunity. During the week-end of the 26 of May, I naturally decided to move to Paris in order to visit this exceptional exhibition. And it didn’t disappoint me.

Daniel Kramer seized Dylan in his changes period, made of meetings, love, and rock’n’roll. A series of amazing photographs bring us into the sixties, into Dylan’s universe, into music’s universe. Through exclusives video documents, excerpts of magazine, or memories of Bob’s youth, we can discover or re-discover this hero of the revolutionary music. We have all dreamt, at least one time, to get in his life, to see him like no other saw him before, now, it’s done. This event revives the nostalgia in everyone of us, and give us the envy to know one little more, one little more again, of this out of the common man.

Aly Harrison.

Bob Dylan, the Rock explosion.

The Voice

That was an incredible bet, but they did it. 3 months ago, the french channel TF1 launched THE VOICE FRANCE.

The concept began in 2010 in Holland, a TV music show based exclusively on the voice. That’s easy: 4 “coachs”, selected among celebrities in the country, are sitting comfortably on their chair… back to the singer! During 3 weeks, they choose by this blind audition 12 singers they had spot to make a team. Then, all begin. Battles between the talents from the same team, and after, shows in live. In the end, only 1 talent from every team stay in competition.

In France, the show is introduced by the famous greek presenter Nikos Aliagas and the coachs are nobody other than Louis Bertignac, the amazing guitarist from the legendary band Telephone, Garou, the wonderful Canadian singer revealed by the musical comedy Notre Dame de Paris, Jenifer, winner of the first french TV music show, and Florent Pagny, a well-known singer of the musical domain.

Week after week, they have coached their talents, and today, they did their choices. For Louis Bertignac, that’s Aude Henneville, who distinguished herself from the others voices. Garou has chosen Louis Delort for represent his team, Jenifer has really been bitten by Al.Hy, and Stephan Rizon is the finalist from Florent Pagny’s team.

They all own something in more, a little thing which make them very special. Aude Henneville has a surprising deep voice and a power of emotion in her voice, Louis Delort is mysterious, distant and close in the same time, bewitching and charming, Al.Hy seem to be crazy and can do everything with her voice, from the deep to the high-pitched, and finally Stephan Rizon is a crooner worthy of the tallest voices.

Tonight is the great evening: The Final. One of them will succeed in being the most beautiful voice of France, the new talent of the country, and the pride of their coach. Tonight, we will see who will be the replacement of the old generation of French music.

Aly Harrison

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Recently, a young artist had made his apparition on our airwaves. His name ? Gotye, a man who had already 2 albums to one’s name and who started his career in 2003…

But that’s his last album, Making Mirrors, which has attracted attention of the great audience. The main song, Somebody That I Used to Know, has monopolized the french radios, and by the way make a great number of people discover the singer. A very surprising song, because as soon as the chorus comes, we have the impression to listen to one of Sting’s songs. The resemblance is such impressive that most of the listeners thought hearing the irish idol.

Knowing a dazzling ascencion in Great Britain, where the hit hauls up to the first place of the charts during two weeks, Somebody That I Used to Know has also win 3 ARIA prices and propels Gotye to the international rank. A coloured videoclip, a strong voice and a superb song, Gotye continues his road to a certain success.

Aly Harrison

The Kooples Records vol.1

The famous French brand of clothes, known for its style rock, vintage and unshakable British, also known for its original advertising depicting couples (inspired from the creators’s father, founder of Comptoir des Cotonniers), had recently lined up a compilation.

The brand had already worked with icons of Rock’n’Roll, as Alison Mosshart and Jamie Hince (The Kills), and from a short while Pete Doherty, who made a collection for The Kooples stores. Absolutely rock therefore, there was in the order of things to propose to customers a compilation risen to the occasion. And the challenge is awfully took up !

The Kooples Records vol.1, as rock as it can, regroups relatively unknown bands but extremely talented! A mix of voices, styles, even languages, which give an explosive album.

Between the clear melodies of Lucky Soul and their White Russian Doll and the surprising and without lyrics Paul’s Return of The George Kaplan Conspiracy, passing by the lively Girlie Girl from Sophie & Patrick Eudeline with Le Spark, the LP contains a succession of sounds as unexpected as amazing.

Aly Harrison.


Louis Bertignac

Some of us know him, some of us not. For me, he’s one of my principal inspirations and one of the musicians I admire. Born in Oran, Algeria in 1954 and moved in France at the age of 3, Louis Bertignac quickly join Telephone, one of the most known band of France.

Endowed of an obvious sincerity and an apparent sensitivity, Bertignac constitutes an essential element of the band. But more than it, Bertignac on his own also represents a condensation of energy and of artistic imagination. But he’s not only a musician, singer, who does things for himself, he’s also a producer, talent scout who gives a chance to young promising artists. I think he’s not enough recognized at his just value, because even if Jean-Louis Aubert is a great man and the singer of Telephone, that’s Louis who has sang Cendrillon, the most known of their songs. That’s also him who had attracted attention of the Rolling Stones, during the famous recording of Some Girls and became friend with his idols.

Electrifying on scene, Bertignac continues his rock career, even if he’s henceforth passed to the status of Idol, or we can say Legend of Rock’n’Roll. Louis does his return on the TV, with the new show The Voice, french version, where he constitutes one of the jury members, the occasion for the fans to see their idol under a new day, and for the others to discover the humour and the sympathy of this talented man.

Keep on Rocking !

Aly Harrison.

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